RIP, Kindle FAQ

Here was a lovingly organized attempt to use MediaWiki to maintain a crowdsourced FAQ for users of our favorite e-book readers. Then another FAQ appeared, with rather energetic owner, and I decided to help maintain it instead. When Anthony, the owner, simply let the domain for his FAQ lapse without even giving me an opportunity to take over, I kind of lost the enthusiasm for a while.

Then arrived new Kindle models, and some more, and yet more. I actively help newbies at Amazon's Kindle Help Forum, and after a while I thought I could revive this attempt.

Then came an email from a gentleman who employed the services of a self-described elite Black Hat SEO Forum & Blog (note Black Hat) and was surprised they indeed used unethical and illegal techniques to "optimize" his site search engine rankings. The vandals created thousands on "pages" on my site linking to their various "customers".

So, until I find time and energy to reverse vandal deed (which involves deleting thousands of pages and fake users), I will simply nuke the site. It seems that on today's Internet nothing is safe from criminal "enterpreneurs" aided by their customers who feign naivete and innocence.

Update: This gets even better. The "Black Hat SEO..." were the customers. That is, it is they who spammed my site, learned that updated Google ranking algorithm downgrades sites with backlinks from unrelated niche pages, and had the gall to ask me to remove the garbage they created!?